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26th-Sep-2007 12:39 am(no subject)
the walls contain my screams. the smiles contain my sorrows.
4th-Sep-2007 10:59 pm - freed
i felt like im freed from all da burdens dat's been bugging me down lately. i felt like everything's so much clearer now. like FINALLY. with much help from oldie even though she will prolly go "im not of much help really" =) i dun wanna ponder on how much i mean to her, rather i'll focus on how much she means to me and i love her to da core! 

everytime i read tudi's comments i'll laff. walau tudi! im so sad la. hahas. 

im in a dilemma! i dunno whether i wanna switch to lj anot cuz i haf like lotsa memories at blogger. argh. 

am going accent tml. help darylene buy reeds. she din ask. i juz tot i'd be kind enuff to drop by and get her reeds. i wan legere reeds. if im going genting, i'll definitely try to get da reeds to bring along.

noe wad jerk? u can go on being a smart arse. i cant even be bothered to tok to u unless it's bout serious stuffs. u tink its fun teasing ppl? well i hope u get all da fun u wan cuz i wun help u even if i could. u juz make me sick wit all ur insensitive words. given a choice? i wouldn't wanna tok to u if necessary. PERIOD. 

hairspray tml! cant tell u how thankful i am for dat. been craving for movies lately.
4th-Sep-2007 12:00 am - ramblings
his dad passed away. i dunno wad to say seriously. i even asked him "are u pulling my leg?" and he was like scolding me. im so sorry. i wasn't allowed to go to da wake. i can onli hope he's alrite now.

i need sleep. argh. insomnia is engulfing me!

i wanna watch ratatouille, 1408 and no reservations~

and i wanna wrk at NS!
3rd-Sep-2007 12:07 pm - sheesh
wasn't exactly keen on setting up an LJ but since ppl ard me been setting it to FRIENDS only. den yep. here it is. am still at blogger though. tinking of switching to wordpress or sth. still looking ard since blogger is getting too public for my liking. 

and tudi if ure reading tis! I'VE CHANGED MY BLOG ADD. incase ure wondering. it's elicitingconfabulations now. hahas! 

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